3 Tips for Opening Your Business and Getting Back to Work Safely

Here in the mid-Atlantic region, Covid-19 restrictions are lifting soon and many businesses are tasked with creating a plan to re-open. Whether you are currently checking CDC guidelines, reviewing state and local government mandates, or simply trying to piece it all together in a plan to keep your employees and customers safe, we understand that there are a lot of moving parts to putting together your company specific plan to return to work safely.

Here at Ampa Events, we’ve also been hard at work doing exactly what you have been doing in happy anticipation of getting back to work safely! As a result, we’ve put together some tips to share with you to consider as you prepare for your own business re-opening in the coming weeks and months.

1. Do Something!

Are you overwhelmed with all the information that you’ve been gathering? Worried you may be missing something in your plan? The reality is you probably are. Uncertainty can be paralyzing. Do your best to plan and anticipate. Then get started. Some action with as much advanced planning as possible is better than no action and putting off critical re-opening decision

Small Business with hanging plexiglass sneeze guard

2. Take a Measured Approach: Build Flexibility into Your Re-Opening Plan

As a first step, Ampa’s designers are recommending solutions such as light weight portable countertop sneeze guards and portable walls. Portable products provide flexibility and will allow for quick adjustments while ordering more permanent solutions. Sometimes the initial plan may not be perfect. Customer traffic patterns or employee work flow in the new normal may not be exactly as you anticipated. Flexible solutions are the best first step.

Laser cut plexiglass and acrylic sneeze guards and windows with slotted feet are easy to work with. Buy a few of these and then watch the new traffic patterns and how employees, guests, and customers move through your space. Observe and determine better, more permanent solutions. These portable solutions can then be moved to other areas such as employee break rooms or conference rooms.

Incrementally add to your Covid-19 solutions,  sneeze guards, portable walls, glass countertop solutions and extensions to the tops of cubicles. With more information about work flow and customer traffic patterns, you will feel less “uncertain” and more comfortable with larger investments and more permanent solutions.

Back to work with Covid-19 Portable Plexiglass for Hotel Counter

3. Get Help and Consult with a Creative Company

Creative companies like Ampa Events are great choices to help you prepare and execute your re-opening plan. Why? For 25 years, Ampa has worked with variety of clients providing creative solutions to meet their specific needs. Ampa’s Theater style scene shop offers customer design and fabrication solutions including working with various materials perfect for Covid19 solutions: acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum, and wood. We can custom match paint colors and stain woods to seamlessly integrate with current office interiors, select laminates and dimensional plastics made in the USA, or recommend lightweight aluminum frame products for easy mobility.

Our carpenters and designers are successful in design solutions that are lightweight, durable, and easy to use in the event and conference industry. No one wants to see a bunch of unsightly plastic thrown up everywhere. Ampa Events provides creative custom solutions for both portable use and permanent installations.

Custom Specialty Solutions:

  • Laser cut panels with logos and patterns for branding that coordinate with interior environment.
  • Hand Sanitizer Cabinet Stations with storage and Squirt Bottle mount. Made to order and match current interior environment
Custom made plexiglass partition for food service

COVID Solutions We Currently Are Offering

There are many factors to consider. Custom designs from a creative company will result in creative solutions that keep your solutions flexible and will compliment your current office motif. Visit our website at ampaevents.com/covid-fabrication to learn more about our custom fabrication services.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs:

Email: info@ampaevents.com Phone Number: 804-358-5451
4x8 Acrylic Partition with Logo
  • Sneeze Guards, Sheilds and Barriers
  • Hanging Sneeze Guard Panels
  • Walls and Panels
  • Counter Top Loose & Mounted Solutions
  • Table Dividers
  • Portable Walls, Partitions & Floor Structures
  • Permanent Glass Counter Top Partitions
  • Door Pull & Foot Pulls
  • Brandable with Printed or Cut Logos
  • Decorative Cuts and Curves
  • Scenic Artistry
  • Installation
  • Mounting hardware
  • Various mounting options
  • Waiting Room Dividers
  • Glass Sneeze Guards 

Ampa Events proudly serves the following areas, including but not limited to: Virginia: Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Reston, Chantilly, Rosslyn, Falls Church, Vienna, Manassas, Prince William County, Dumfries, Middleburg; Washington D.C.; Maryland: Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Springs, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Gaithersburg, Fredrick; Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, SONJ, NJ; North Carolina: Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Outer Banks


It’s Summertime!

With Fourth of July just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan some family friendly activities that get everyone outside for some good old-fashioned summer fun!

Now offering:

Amp Up Your Summer Gif

Ampa Events has great family oriented summer fun activities!

Beat the Bucket

A great alternative to a dunk tank where all players can interact and compete!  Take turns blocking shots and getting wet!

Giant Tricycles for All Ages

A perfect choice for an all ages activity and some friendly competition!  Guaranteed to create some memorable family moments!

Rock Climbing Wall

Offering fun to challenging physical activity and exercise.  Ask about multiple family and neighborhood pricing!  An attendant will assist you with climbing and sanitize all surfaces in between family usage.

4 Lane Rock climbing wall

Arcade Style Interactive Games

Choose from Pluck a Duck, Bounce a Ball, Strike A Light, Top Doc, and Play Back.  All family fun favorites that will provide hours of entertainment!  Ask about weekly rentals or subscription services.  We can deliver a new game to your house each week to keep kids entertained all summer long.

Outdoor Movie Experience 

Gather together with your neighbors and enjoy a socially distanced movie under the stars! The Outdoor Movie Experience includes a giant 20’x16’ screen, a high resolution projector, professional sound system, and a technician to ensure that your movie night is hassle free!

Outdoor Movie Night Inflatable Movie Screen Example
Whatever your interests are, Ampa Events has a solution to help you make the most of your summer and create memorable family moments that will keep you laughing and reminiscing for years to come! 

Don’t miss out - call us today to reserve your date!


Ampa Events proudly serves all of Virginia, Maryland, and the Metro DC area, including Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Loudoun, Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Towson, Baltimore, and Annapolis areas. Call us to inquire about your specific location!

Ampa Events on WRVA: How a small business played to its strengths

When life hands you lemons, what do you do? Why yes, you’re right, you make lemonade!

Event professionals are very familiar with overcoming unforeseen obstacles. In fact, we relish the opportunity to shine in spite of them. If you are an event professional, you know what we’re talking about – contingency plans are standard operating procedure, we are always prepared to expect the unexpected.

But COVID-19? Yeah, no one saw that obstacle coming as quickly or as fiercely as it did. And with it, the sudden shift of a global mandate to cancel events was a very difficult obstacle to navigate.

Lemonade for a blog about small business

As a testament to our resilience, grit, and determination, our seasoned event professionals here at Ampa Events worked diligently to devise new business opportunities that capitalize on our strengths as an event production company. Our creativity is on full-display as we launch our new business services:

Our very own Ted Rubis was featured yesterday on WRVA to discuss Ampa’s journey to shift our business focus and navigate the constraints of the current COVID-19 economy.

Life has a way of throwing out obstacles. We’re optimistic and hopeful that although we aren’t currently producing large scale events, we will continue to utilize our skills and strengths as a company to continue to deliver a high quality product/service to a wider audience. It’s our lemonade response to the current lemons of life.

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Spring Favorites!

Happy first day of Spring! Usher in the blooming season with some our most popular items:



Ampa Events Restoration Bar with green Moss panels
Restoration Bar with green Moss panels

Product Spotlight: Acrylic Tables

Take a look at our wide selection of acrylic tables with customizable panels and lighting options! Highly popular for galas and banquets which require seating at high volumes. These are a great way to get away from the standard table and linen for a fresh, contemporary look!

View our selection on our rentals site by clicking here.
Options include round tables, high and low communal tables, high and low dinner tables, cocktail highs and more.


See how the Richmond Ballet used them:

Fun at the Office with Strike-A-Light!

Here at Ampa, we not only know how to design fun events, but we know how to have fun ourselves! Last Wednesday during our potluck at lunch time, we brought out our Strike-A-Light game and played against each other. From arms flailing around trying to hit all of the blinking lights to laughs all around the office, we crowned one of our Event Techs the Udenafil ultimate champion… only until the next time! Game on!


Check out Strike-A-Light and other great arcade games on our rentals site!



Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase Recap

We had an amazing time as a production partner at the Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled wedding showcase this past weekend in DC! It was such a pleasure to meet the different vendors present, and to provide furniture and decor for the event with the beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotel as the venue. We always love showcasing our inventory while meeting future brides to help them make planning their special day a little easier!


Ampa Events Boxwood Wall, Versailles Gold & Winter White Bar at the 2018 <a href=
Avanafil et Dapoxetine Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase” width=”792″ height=”526″ /> Ampa Events Boxwood Wall, Versailles Gold & Winter White Bar


Ampa Events Cosmopolitan Bar at the 2018 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Cosmopolitan Bar


Ampa Events Restoration Bar at the 2018 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Restoration Bar


Ampa Events Preston Round Sofa at the 2018 Washingtonian Unveiled Bride & Groom Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Preston Round Sofa


Ampa Events Brooklyn High White Chairs at the 2018 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Brooklyn High White Chairs


Ampa Events Lounge Seating - Emerald Drexel Sofa at the 2018 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Lounge Seating – Emerald Drexel Sofa


Ampa Events Centerpiece Lace Votives with Acrylic Holders at the 2018 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled Wedding Showcase
Ampa Events Centerpiece Lace Votives with Acrylic Holders


1980’s Themed New Year’s Eve Rewind

Ampa had a great time putting together an eighties themed New Year’s Eve Rewind event at the start of this year!
Ampa Events 1980s Themed New Year's Eve Rewind Production


Olivia, one of Ampa’s Event Specialists, did a great job managing the 80’s theme with the new 20 foot diameter round bar, theme decor, lit go-go dancer platforms, lighting, and more. “Turning on all of the lights was like turning on a time machine back to the 80’s,” she said. 


Ampa Events 80's Themed Event Lounge Seating
“I Love the 80’s” Glow Lounge Seating


Ampa Events 1980's Theme Pop Culture Set
1980’s Theme Set with some iconic pop culture references!


Ampa Events 1980's Theme Event Go-Go Dancer Platform
Glow Dance Platforms for Go-Go Dancers


Ampa Events 1980's Themed Lithograph Wall Decor
1980’s Themed Lithograph Wall


A huge thank you to our client MGM for choosing Ampa to make this production spectacular!


Product Spotlight: New Arcade Games!

Take a look at our fun, new arcade games that have been a hit at recent events! Games are a fantastic way to bring an exciting and interactive element to any social function. Our gaming supplies include a range of arcade and table games, carnival and casino games, inflatables, rock walls and more.

Play Back

Play Back Arcade Game

Memorize the light sequence and play it back. Reminiscent of classic memory games. Playback is now a 2 player head to head version with a score for each level that you complete. Make a mistake and you are out. How good is your memory?

Strike A Light Chaos

Strike-A-Light Chaos Arcade Game

Chaos combines the excitement of the Strike A Light reaction game with the twist of the lights being able to change color. Each player will try to hit lights corresponding with their color, which move around the board, creating chaos. Increase your throughput with 4 players in this adaptation.

Pluck A Duck Racing

Pluck A Duck Racing Arcade Game

While carefully removing the piece, should contact be made with the cutout, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. This unique 2 player unit, has individual game timers so you can see who has that perfectly steady hand under the pressure of some friendly competition!

Top Doc

Top Doc Arcade Game

Top Doc takes a classic board game, and scales it up while adding a technology twist for greater appeal and improved game play. With Top Doc, the players wand is actually an electromagnet. So when the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand and magnetizes. While carefully removing the piece, should contact be made with the cutout, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. An audible beep is triggered along with a visual light, and the unit records the mistake on a large 3 inch LED display. Games are available in Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels, and can be easily changed by swapping out the game pieces.



Visit our rentals site to view our arcade games online and get a quote for your next event!