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Streaming Meetings

Ampa can provide both in-studio and remote meeting services. We’re here for you whether you need to come in studio to broadcast to a virtual audience or if you need remote broadcasting set up.  Our in studio set-up includes a sound stage with professional looking furniture and/or branded scenery for panel discussion. We can also pre-record individual recordings for you to broadcast at a different date. We have two convenient studio locations as well – Central Virginia and Metro DC. Our Remote services will feature our studio technicians capturing all our inputs, as well as a person working remotely for you, the client. We can then manage, direct, and broadcast the meeting to a virtual audience. 

What type of streaming remote or virtual meetings have we produced?

  1. We Come to You – OnSite Meetings
  2. You Come to Us – Studio Broadcast Meetings
  3. Everyone Stays Home – Remote Pajama Meetings

TriCaster Video Mixer

     The heart of a News Room Type Studio.  Allows for interface of all media, graphics, effects, delays, cues, live or pre-recorded, lower thirds, split screens, timing clocks and more.  The most common element for mixing video is a standard AV Switcher.  The TriCaster outshines a switcher by leaps and bounds!

TriCaster 860 Video Mixer

How does it all work?

AV Technical Equipment

Full studio of AV and computer systems equal to a news room Broadcast facility:

  • mics kits as needed including omni and unidirectional for singing and spoken word, sound mixing, musical background, cameras 2-4 units, video/photo mixing, graphics interface, teleprompter
  • recording, posting to cloud or other storage devices, archiving, editing
  • redundancies 

Web Connectivity

  • All platforms:  FB, YouTube, Zoom, Teams, TeamUp, etc
  • Pro studio applications with more robust platforms vs general public platforms listed above
  • Security that is more robust vs general public platforms
  • Streaming monitoring for quality of sound and video

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Professional Staff

  • Creative directors, show directors, av/sound technicians, computer systems technicians
  • Live Editing
  • Pre and Post Production Editing
broadcasting personnel room

Planning & Rehearsal

  • Week Prior to Virtual Meeting: 4 hours of planning and rehearsal time

  • Day of:  2 hours of pre-show time

Controlled Q&A

 In a live event public decorum controls Q&A sessions. To ensure that there is a similar feel in a virtual meeting, Ampa constructs secure conduits into the meeting for questions and answers that are monitored by a technician and the client representative. Now, the full beauty of the Tricaster comes into view. The client may select questions which we will then graphically post into the meeting on cue using lower thirds and other graphic techniques. We can post the name of the attendee presenting the question which will provide a feeling of inclusiveness and with live editing, we can add entertainment value and flair. This approach provides the appropriate delay of questions for review. Other advantages include the ability to compile similar questions and thus prioritize and sort for a more efficient Q&A session. This service includes a monitoring technician and the technical setup of the secure conduit into the meeting.

Live Chat

A live interface from audience members. Text shall appear in a stream. This service is best described as “informal.”  The Internet in general is informal and empowers the users.  Ampa has the ability to quickly delete inappropriate content and bar the individual as needed or directed by designated client Monitor.  This service includes a monitoring technician and the technical setup of the secure.

Web Embedded Portals

While interacting with client webmaster, Ampa can you construct access to the virtual meeting from the clients website

One gateway for guests to join meetings

Development of a private webpage as an access portal to the meeting.  (combined web services are available at special rates) 

VIP Panelist Quality Control Services and Equipment Rentals

A quality meeting is the ultimate goal but how can you control quality with the varied environmental influences in each persons remote location? Ampa’s solution is to ship media equipment and lighting systems to VIP panelists. These are “Out-of-the-box” easy to use systems that will promote consistency in remote access for each VIP. This service is recommended for Panelists, Moderators, CEOs and other VIPs that are crucial for the meeting. Planning, coordination, interviews with each panelist if needed to discuss individual remote locations, special needs or challenges and the management of shipping as well as technical support for installation at the VIPs location and a general helpful approach are included in this program

Scenic Services

The design and management of branded backdrops.  Ampa will ship a branded banner to each of the panelists and moderators to create a unique and professional Live streaming experience with a uniform look.

Meeting Registration Services

The management of web portals, services and interfaces for attendees. Call for a discussion of options

Ask us about...

Large Meetings

Ask about Web capabilities for meeting w/ attendees over 200.  More robust channels and additional preparations may be require over the internet.

Subscription Services 

Hold multiple meetings per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live streaming is the broadcast of live video and audio content over the internet.

You’ve come to the right place. Ampa houses 100s of different styles of lounge furniture for events that can also be rented for your live stream.

Bandwidth is a rate of data transfer, generally a metric of how much data can be sent in a given time period that is mandated by the stress and traffic caused on a server.

Yes, we can live stream your wedding in our studio o, a venue of your choice or your home. Typically we design and provide rental equipment for ceremonies and receptions. 

While a wifi connection is as fast as a wired connection, we recommend a ethernet connection because its more stable. You should also test your connection speed at a site like

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