Restoration 2-Panel New Style Chalk Board Bar, Double w/ 1 Pedestal


This restoration chalk board bar can give a fun rustic look to weddings, parties,  special events and more! Additional panels are available.


Restoration 2-Panel New Style Chalk Board Bar, Double w/ 1 Pedestal

Our Restoration Chalk Board Bar is a perfect addition for rustic weddings and special events. These bars are crafted in house and utilize a weathered stain and some reclaimed wooden pieces as well as a chestnut butcher block top to bring a perfect rustic feel to any event. They also feature two working chalkboard panels that allow tons of customization.

This package comes with two 8ft fronts and one pedestal. One 8ft section can support one to two bartenders for an event. Our bars can also double as registration counters, ticket counters, and more! Use multiple sections to accommodate more guests or make a larger statement.

Use bars together with pedestals for unique displays – Straight, “V” Shape, “U” Shape, Square. Larger configurations may be offered at special prices. Front panels can be customized to have different looks.

These bars can be used for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, team building events, private parties, holiday parties, conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Conventions, and more!

Dimensions 30 × 222 × 48 in

2 in stock (Additional qty available with 6-8 weeks notice)