Event Services

MATCHING PRODUCTS & SERVICES TO NEEDS. Planning events can be fun… Ampa will help make the process even more fun by eliminating the not so fun things. How? Ampa has the Inventory and Trained Personnel. Throughout the process, our team of theatre professionals are available for technical advise, problem solving and the all important installation.  Planners and clients alike can have fun with the designs and leave the heavy lifting to Ampa, or sit back and let us do it all.

Need just a bit of help installing?  Don’t have a a clue how to hang something from the beams in the gym?  Trouble finding inventory for the perfect look?  Or, maybe you just need a bit of help to complete your design?  Look below for  the right approach that meets your needs from DIY pick up rental to Hiring Ampa to do everything.

What service is best for me?

What's Best For Me?Rental Pick-upRental & DeliveryRental, Delivery & Some InstallRental, Delivery, Complete InstallDesign & Production
CostMost cost-effective. Minimum order $250Cost-effective. Delivery fee.
Minimum order $500
Cost-effective. Delivery & labor fee. Minimum order $500Cost-effective. Delivery & labor fee. Minimum order $750Total cost determined by client's budget
Service FeeOrder site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carteOrder site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carteOrder site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carteOrder site inspection, design, planning & other services a la carteFees for services are itemized in the design quote.
Delivery & LaborDIY
I know what I want.
I'm designing the event.
I know what I want.
I'm designing the event. I need delivery.
I know what I want.
I'm designing the event. I need delivery & some installation.
I know what I want.
I'm designing the event. I need delivery & full installation.
I need Ampa Events to do it for me. Ampa, give me a great design!
InstructionsSelect products & submit order online.Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery costs.Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery & labor costs.Select products & submit order online. Will respond with delivery & labor costs.Reference full service design quote.

* minimum order varies based on city & event type

Theme Decorating

When it comes to building on a theme, there’s a fine line between beautifully stunning and over-the-top. Ampa can help you hit the creative balance, turning clever ideas into fresh, unique and imaginative results.

Planning & Management Services

Experience endless options with the most exclusive inventory in the mid Atlantic: Ceremony Sets, Drape, Pergolas, Arbors, LightingMonogram GobosLounge FurnitureDesigner Bars, Centerpieces, Lanterns, A/V, White Dance Floor, Staging, Theme Decor, and more…

The first step in planning a great event is to listen.  Ampa listens, asks questions and seeks a full understand the goals first.  With a solid understanding, we then help navigate all preliminary work and provides production solutions to achieve goals.


Each event creates specific goals and challenges which may predicate a certain type of site.  Over 20 years, we have successfully produced events happening in standard and unique locations, from hanging chandeliers in a barn to accenting a castle with lighting.  Our extensive technical knowledge, allows Ampa to open up new and exciting possibilities for clients.

From Travel Arrangements, Offsite Tours, Offsite Events, Golf Outings, Guest Services, to Gift Bags and other services Ampa is pleased to manage all of the above and provide Conference Service personnel to help coordinate while on location.

Months in advance or with 2 weeks turnaround.  Ampa’s knowledgable professionals will guide the process, prompting you and seeking approvals in a timely manner.

From color palettes to 50ft wide stage sets and everything between.  Need a memory wall? Select from hundreds of textures.  Drive a message with Branding designed into every element.  Consider functional food service displays in many motifs for interactive eats.  Formally trained in stellar regional universities, the design team at Ampa has a traditional educational back ground supported by over 20 years of fabrication services with unique materials and a goal to exceed your expectations.

Visual aids used to get you to a signed contract.  Ampa Graphics team provides a rendering based on the preproduction discovery process.  But even better, at Ampa, with so much in stock, we can provide actual photos of products from our vast inventory for approval in your exclusive design.

Great to see how all elements relate to each other, in scale on the floor of the event site.  After a contract is signed, Ampa draws floor plans routinely to guide installations for event planners. Ampa will install according to your floor plans when placing Rental With Install orders.

We are familiar with most venues in the region. Ampa manages Technical site work behind the scenes with the venue as part of our service. Meeting at the venue may be helpful for clients. For a more successful approach, we suggest the site inspection after a design has been assembled. Then we will have something to discuss and refine.

Radio King Orchestra
Radio King Orchestra

From Dueling Pianos, 12 piece big bands and quartets to Giant Video DJ Packages or Impersonators, Ampa stated booking acts and DJs from 1989. Designing a production with the right choice of entertainment that meets your needs is our goal.


With huge in-stock inventories of equipment and a well trained team of theater, one of our many advantages  is “choice.” Ampa offers many options, levels of service, and products.  With our in-house shop, we can build anything or choose from hundreds of options on the shelf.

Product info - It's Free

Traditional Planners spend a good amount of planning time gathering product information & prices. At Ampa, we not only have the information, we have the products too. No need to spend you Planning Budget on gathering info. We start at the design phase & then move directly to technical site inspections and wrap up a complete approach to your event expediently. Essentially, clients get the usual preliminary work for free at Ampa.


Dream big. Hang floral chandeliers with lights; family portrait walls; multi-level dining; bars, lounge environments, and food displays coordinating with your colors. Ampa turns dreams into reality!


Celebrating 20 years of success, Ampa brings years of experience in many areas of event services and a well trained technical team for the execution of all events. In the mid 1990’s, Ampa actively provided Rock Walls, G-Force Simulators, giant obstacle courses and other extreme attractions to Great Rock Festivals like the Rolling Rock Town Fair and numerous regional concert series in Va Beach, DC and Richmond. Over the past 20 years, it has been a pleasure providing games and activities for all types of clients, including schools, churches, festivals, universities, corporate picnics and more. 


Personalized service. Stunning designs. Memorable events. Since its launch in 1985, Ampa has evolved from an entertainment agency into a comprehensive event design, planning and production company. Our energetic, experienced and professional team will support you through the creative process from start to finish. We offer an array of services including design, fabrication, lighting, audio-visual, branding, theme decorating and management. We develop solutions that create an unforgettable event.


Your guests dress in their black-tie best and want to be swept away. But this isn’t just an evening to remember. It’s a time for your cause to shine. Let us help you roll out the red carpet on a beautiful night that can meet your fundraising goals while keeping your mission front and center.