1980’s Themed New Year’s Eve Rewind

Ampa had a great time putting together an eighties themed New Year’s Eve Rewind event at the start of this year!
Ampa Events 1980s Themed New Year's Eve Rewind Production


Olivia, one of Ampa’s Event Specialists, did a great job managing the 80’s theme with the new 20 foot diameter round bar, theme decor, lit go-go dancer platforms, lighting, and more. “Turning on all of the lights was like turning on a time machine back to the 80’s,” she said. 


Ampa Events 80's Themed Event Lounge Seating
“I Love the 80’s” Glow Lounge Seating


Ampa Events 1980's Theme Pop Culture Set
1980’s Theme Set with some iconic pop culture references!


Ampa Events 1980's Theme Event Go-Go Dancer Platform
Glow Dance Platforms for Go-Go Dancers


Ampa Events 1980's Themed Lithograph Wall Decor
1980’s Themed Lithograph Wall


A huge thank you to our client MGM for choosing Ampa to make this production spectacular!