More Senses, More Impact for Your Investment

Studies have shown that we rely heavily on our senses to process information when learning and engaging more than one sense when teaching can help information processing. Using multiple senses allows more cognitive connections and associations to be made with a concept.

– Anna Pitts of HowtoLearn

Photo by Nitish MeenaPhoto by Nitish Meena on Unsplash


Make a Bigger Impact with More Sensations

Events create more impact and leave your attendees with more benefit of attending by appealing to more senses because memories and learning are promoted by designing a component that appeals to each. How many of the 5 senses do your events touch?

When designing an event around a theme, you can ask the simple question out loud – how can a person feel completely immersed in our conference theme?

  • What will appeal to their sense of TOUCH?
  • What will be the SMELL they remember be?
  • What will be the VISION they remember?
  • What will they remember that they HEAR?
  • How can I create more memories with the food they TASTE?


How can you actually implement this?

Your sales conference theme is “Taking It To the Streets”. You can then take your attendees to the streets of different cities around the globe in different sessions or tie each training to a different city. Appeal to taste by serving food from each city or better yet, serve street festival food through Ampa’s food truck facades.

Ampa Events Street Festival Food Trucks
Ampa Events Street Festival Food Trucks

You are appealing to trendy and hit, but the best part is the reduced food and beverage costs by servicing a portion rather than a buffet approach. Take the impact to the next level by adding lighting packages that appeal to the heart of visiting different cities. Don’t you always remember the lights of the city on vacation? Complete the immersion and feeling and receive unbeatable impact for your investment!


If an experience touches multiple senses, the stronger the memory that is created and the more likely we are to recall that which gave us the experience (positive or negative).

– Britt Michaelian in the Huffington Post



Elizabeth Ringas
Senior Sales Manager at Ampa Events